Monday, May 25, 2015

We're Experiencing Some Technical Difficulties...

Hey Fanatic Fanfics,

Mina here to bring you up to date where we stand. It's been a long week for the validators and an even longer weekend for me.

I'm in charge of the blog, so everything that is posted here goes by me first. Unfortunately, we're experiencing issues with blogger. It's not letting me publish new pages, or saving any changes whatsoever.

This is troubling because I spend the entire weekend creating this wonderful tables with all the lovely nominees you guys picked...only for blogger to refuse to save the page when I paste the table. DAMMIT!

So I'm back to square one, putting everything in a word doc, which is going to take time... Yeah, you see where this is going, aren't you?

It is with sadness that I must let you guys know that Nominations Announcements are postponed for at least 2 more days. Maybe 1, I'm not sure at this point, but I'll try my best to get those nominees up ASAP. I PROMISE!

Thank you for understanding and may the odds be ever in your favor.

~Mina, Fanatic Fanfics Blog Master.

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